Morocco – Drop

Morocco – a beautiful and vibrant land of colours, spices, and culture set on the western edge of the Sahara desert. Inspired by this fascinating country, the gold and silver metallics of the Morocco collection elicit memories of the enticing souks in the Medina.

‘Morocco drop’ is a long sterling silver chain finished with a gold, silver and champagne plated hematite and Swarovski crystal pendant. This necklace is a very simple design which complements both the Morocco choker and Morocco long necklaces perfectly. It is a little shorter than Morocco long, and therefore sits inside it when worn together.

It can, of course, be worn on its own for a pared back look. Ideal when something very simple is required.


Semi-precious stones

Plated hematite in silver, gold and champagne.


Sterling silver.


Swarovski crystals


37", 38", 39"

Made to order

Most of the jewellery sold by Aura is made to order. Please allow plenty of time for delivery should you need your item for a specific event.


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