Kenya – Stars

Beneath vast skies, the landcsape of Kenya’s Tsavo Plain thrives in an abundance of natural beauty. From the thousands of stars at night to dusty savannahs in the heat of the day, the wildness of this spectacular country continues to evoke memories long after the experience has passed.

Earthy labradorite and rainbow moonstones are the focus of the delicate Kenya stars necklace. The addition of 3 Swarovski crystal stars and a crystal cross to this particular piece means that it has added glints of light with movement from the wearer.

All of the stones have been hand wrapped onto 14k gold filled wire ensuring a beautiful finish and especially longevity in the metals. (There is an option of brass if this is preferred).  The hand forged moveable clasp also allows it to be styled a couple of different ways, depending on your mood, and of course on your outfit. It could also be worn as a choker with the strand down the back for some beautiful detailing.

Please contact Aura directly if you would like a variation of this unique necklace.


Semi-precious stones

Faceted labradorite 5-6mm
Polished labradorite 8mm
Faceted rainbow moonstones 5-6mm

Crystal/glass beads

Swarovski crystal stars and cross


14k gold filled wire, brass wire


Approximately 48cm (19 inches)

Made to order

Most of the jewellery sold by Aura is made to order. Please allow plenty of time for delivery should you need your item for a specific event.


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