Ibiza – Choker

Imagine you could encapsulate the feeling of this beautiful island in a collection of jewellery. A relaxed style, a little bit bohemian, and the colour of summer…

The Ibiza choker is a necklace with soft aqua Amazonite ‘pebbles’ in varying natural shades, tiny glass toho beads and a feature of Swarovski crystals at the front. Perfect for combining with other Ibiza necklaces, or layering with a simple silver chain and pendant. The easy on and off toggle clasp can also be worn at the front if you wish to give your choker a fresh twist.

Wear this lovely choker when you just need a touch of something to upscale your outfit, and to add a finished look.

Like the style but would prefer alternative stones? Please contact Aura to discuss possibilities.


Semi-precious stones

Amazonite 'pebbles' 5-8mm x 8-12mm approx

Crystal/glass beads

Swarovski crystals 4mm and 8mm, Japanese glass toho beads.


Sterling silver toggle clasp


38cm, 42cm

Made to order

Most of the jewellery sold by Aura is made to order. Please allow plenty of time for delivery should you need your item for a specific event.

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