Athens – Choker

Athens – one of the world’s oldest cities with a fascinating history spanning thousands of years. Remains of ancient temples carved in marble and monuments still stand, whilst the world around them has changed over centuries.

Reminiscent of ancient Greece with all its lavish jewellery, the ‘Athens – choker’ is a short necklace of clear crystal quartz and warm 14k gold filled metals.

The clear crystal quartz can be interspersed with either gold glass or 14k gold filled beads. At the front of the choker the chain pendant is scattered with small gold and bronze freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals, and finishes in a nugget of faceted crystal quartz. The pendant is approximately 8cm in length.

Owing to its sheer clarity, this gorgeous choker can be worn with practically any outfit, lending a cool air of class. A timeless piece of jewellery.

This particular crystal quartz is a stone of beautiful quality, sourced personally for me by distinguished gemologist Marcia Lanyon (London). It is used throughout the Athens range.



Semi-precious stones

Crystal quartz, freshwater pearls (dyed)


Swarovski crystals


Galvanised gold glass, 14k gold filled


14K gold filled


15" (38cm), 16" (41cm)

Made to order

Most of the jewellery sold by Aura is made to order. Please allow plenty of time for delivery should you need your item for a specific event.

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